ThetaHealing Basic Course

The ThetaHealing course is a course for the modern man, who embraces and accepts his human and also spiritual nature. It is for those who understood they are more than their physical body and hyperactive mind, and who want to become the masters of their own life.

ThetaHealing cu Andrea FilipBy ThetaHealing we become the architects of our mental structure, we redo the matrix by which we build our life. We have accessto the aspects of our being who, until a few years ago, dedicated their life to the spiritual evolution or were “chosen” to be special.

We can see what is inside us: in the mind, in the soul, in the body’s emotions/feelings, in our relations, in our past and our future. Having clear vision on what it is, we can chose if we like or not what we see and we can change the aspects which we want to be different. Simply. Fast. With Love. Without Fear. With Power.

The Basic ThetaHealing Course together with the Advanced Course forms the Theta Fundaments. While at the first course the participants discover or develop the intuitive side and learn the ThetaHealing technique, in the Advanced course you work more and profound with each particpant.

The Basic ThetaHealing Course presents the ThetaHealing® technique and you work with this technique both idividually and with the other participants. For each is enough to experiment the benefits and options of working ‘inTheta’ in such a way that it is easy to apply them later to the every day life.

90% in a day our actions and decisions are on autopilot, determined by the knowledge and experiments in the past. The modality in which we react in fact, we react at what happens is dictated by our subconsciousness, that part of the mind which stores the set of beliefs, convictions, attachments/feelings which we have cultivated in time. Some of them support us to live and to function in the society we are a part of, but each of us have also some which are less beneficial In every domain in which we do not have what we want, we do not feel full of love and creativity, in which we lose energy instead of recharging, there is a set of “truth” which block us in seeing the reality as it is. There are truths which are genetically inherited or which we accepted without realizing it, and now they control the results in our life.

ThetaHealing cu Andrea FilipBy the technique of muscular testing (kinesiology) the participants at the course discover whicha re these convictions that undermine and with the help of ThetaHealing technique free you and replace them with others, chosen deliberately, to continue to lead their life.

The essence in the Basic ThetaHealing Course is practicing the techniques which allow you to change the life patterns maintained in the existence of historic, genetic, basic, or soul convictions , be them self-created, be them imposed from outside.

The student will learn to identify his own convictions and will practise how to elimiante them for a fellow student in the course. This practice can reveal fast ystems of beliefs which would necessitate years of traditional phychotherapy, showing simply to the body how to replace limitative beliefs or feelings with positive ones. The stress is set on the aspect of safety especially when genetic changes take place in the body.

Basic ThetaHealing Course is focused on activating the 12 DNA sequences of each participant. The cromozomes of youth and vitality are activated, telomers are strenthen fo reverse the aging process and the students experiment the opening towards Unconditioned Love of the Creator.

Other topics and exercises include learning the discernment when we work with Guides and Guarding Angels, an introduction in the laws of manifestation, reading future , balancing the level of serotonine and nonadrenaline, freeing the heavy metals and radiations, pair souls , lost souls and implants, the 7 planes of existence , the protocol to heal a variety of conditions and illnesses working with the Creator.

At the end of the course , the student is ready to become a ThetaHealing practician ThetaHealing® as ThetaHealer®.

In order to see  when and where the next courses take place, go to ThetaHealing Basic Course – Calendar and Events

The duration of the course: Three days

Friday – 16.30- 17.00 Registering the participants, day 1 1: 17.00-21.00

Saturday – 09.00- 18.00 Course day 2;  lunch break 13.00-14.00

Saturday 09.00-18.00 Course day 3; lunch break 13.00-14.00

Participants receive
- the course text book, in Romanian

- the book ThetaHealing written by Vianna Stibal, published at Divine Truth Publishing House ( Editura Adevar Divin)
- at the end of the course – Official Certificateregistered and issued by ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge®.
with the consent of the participant, the latter will be registered on the official site , as practician of ThetaHealing® technique .