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ThetaHealing cu Andrea Filip

ThetaHealing cu Andrea Filip

Welcome or … welcome back !

 ThetaHealing®  is a journey that brings you Home.

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They will reconnect you to th most beautiful vision you have on who you might be, what ypu might do and have in this human experience and offer you the instruemtns in order to be able to manifest in all domains of life!

Along this journey you will receive support to “heal “ your spirit, emotions and body as to be unstoppable from manifesting the perfection you are  .

And in the end the result is …your life, lived in a special and unique way, in harmony with everything that surrounds you and with a feeling of accomplishing the aim for which you were born on Earth.

The “Healing” we are talking about in ThetaHealing is a much wider concept then in the traditional language in which we must be sick in order to heal.

It is much more than that.

  • It supposes tol et go and free the negative emotions we accumulated along time and which, some of them, are still alive in ourselves: sadness, regrets, resentments, remorses and others like them. We learn to “take them off” from ourselves and that it is possible to have another life without them.
  • We learn to feel and have a new perspective on some universal concepts suc as unconditioned love, compassion, generosity, to receive, to give and many others which are interpreted by each of us in the light of the associations we made in the past. For instance: if our parents offered us gifts and told us they loved us, then when we grow up if somebody offers us gifts it means he/she loves us, if they don’t offer us gifts it means they don’t love us. With ThetaHealing®  we remember and access the pure essence of the most beautiful feelings and concepts:
  • We discover profound beliefs in our subconscious and by changing them we heal “ our… life, because these affect the modality we see the world, the relations/relationships and ourselves. Our faiths/beliefs are like a apir of pink sunglasses  which transform everything that we see in shades of the same colour, and removing the nonbenefit beliefs , allows us to see the world in polychromy , in its totality and beauty.

If the promises above “sound well”, i invite you to learn the ThetaHealing®  techniques in order to transform your life and the life of those around you. By practicing the techniques in the courses of ThetaHealing®  and accessing the Creative Energy of All That Is, you have access to create a wonderful life the way you want it to be.

ThetaHealing® Courses  are conceived to offer you both the “logical” explanations about “why” and “how” they work and especially they are oriented towards the experimental aspects.

In the Theta Healing Basic (DNA2) course and in all the other courses it is intensely and effectively worked , so that you receive as much value and to get familiar with the techniques, in such  a way that they become a simple and fast habbit which you practice easily anytime you identify Beliefs that sabotage you. Along with work on the Beliefs in every course we will expand more, much more on the perspective of All that surrounds us… and we’l discover an enchanting world…

In am waiting for you with joy, love and the intention to live all extraordinary lives at the ThetaHealing® courses.

Andrea Filip

Certified Advanced Instructor ThetaHealing® by the InstituteThink (
Trainer authorized by the Ministry of Work

Theta Healing®  – A Miracle for your life