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The spiritual entrepreneur

The latest scientific studies show that reality we perceive  with the five senses is in fact a holograme. What the science has discovered in the last years, multiple religions and wise men have passed along for hundreds and thousands of years.We are some spiritual beings with human experiences. We are  “human beings” not “human doings”. These are transposed also at the level of business.

There is an entire wave at the world level about the spiritual entrepreneur, books were published, conferences and seminars were organized on this topic.

The spiritual entrepreneur is the one for whom his  business is a part of the aim/the mission of his life and lives it from a total expression of himself.

Definitely more”classic entrepreneurs” would say that they love their business and that they express the level in which they stay in balance with  whom they are as spirit is something subtle.

The spirirual entrepreneur is the person who accepted and integrated the spiritual nature in everything he thinks, does, has and creates, whose products, processes, relations and perspectives represent him.

The spiritual entrepreneur or Practic Guide characteristics in order to become one:

  • The business represents him and supports his life style in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual  balance.
  • He is”himself, the very him” in the business (not necessarily by his physical presence) – by product, processes team.
  • He accepts and uses the”Law of Atraction” and apparently inexplicable syncronoties.
  • He listens to his instinct (internal guidance)
  • He creates multiple income sources (i sor builds his financiar Independence) and all are in harmony with its nature.
  • His business sustains and honours life in its aspects.
  • He uses his business in order to finance his charitable activities by which to make the world a better place.
  • He uses his entrepreneurial abilities and skills  in order to organize and carry on projects for the benefit and evolution of society.

Lately we have  noticed  the acceleration and expansión of people’s preoccupation for the personal development and self-knowledge. These finally lead to the awareness that we are more tan a body with needs and a mind to take care of them. Each one begins to be aware that beyond these aspects there is something that assures our very existence. Something that energizes, animates and in the context of which life itself manifests.Peoplefrom all over the world have reconnected with their body and soul and now they are trying to make room for it in their daily preoccupations.

As a parallel

  • The traditional entrepreneur has focused on “to have”… as many and as beautiful for his “body”. From here, a few types of behavior like: aim excuses the means, profit as main purpose, etc…derive.
  • The social entrepreneur is focused on “to do/act”…as many activities to change the world into a better place, investing his knowledge, the “mind” in order to solve the problems, issues of society.
  •  The spiritual entrepreneur is oriented on “to be” … as the most uplifting expression of the spirit, fulfilling his mission for which he chose this experience.

David Hawkins being asked “ what can we do to change the world”, he said “ Please don’t try to change the world, because the world you see does not even exist. The spiritual entrepreneur understood this aspect and assumes, first of all, to evolve  at the level of consciousness. Understanding what consciousness is and the way we evolve, we grow within it, allows us to understand that the modality in which we see the world is only a pure reflection of our own mental projections, resulted from the set of convictions, perceptions, the value we have in our subconscious and our being.

The firm commitement for the evolution offers the oportunity to change “the glasses” by which we see the world and together with our evolution the following phenomenon takes place. The same way in the sea, once the level grows, all the ship rise, in the same way we evolve and rise all those around us. As we are every day better, more loving and more harmonious, we inspire those surrounding us to follow our example.  For those who want to get familiar to these aspects, with this type of making business, I invite them kindly to the seminar Rediscover your shine. Be a Spiritual Entrepreneur!

Details about the next seminar and registration are found at the section Courses and Events.