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Integrity and Power


The new Romanian dictionary defines the integrity like this:

1)    incorruptible, upright character; feeling of justice, dignity and   consciousness, that serves as guide in man’s behavior; honesty; probity.

2) State of a integral thing, intact.

The evolution of mankind makes that each of us heads towards integrity, to the state of being “exhaustive”. In a metaphorical sense, in the divine matrix in which we were conveived as an idea, we are in a perfect state, having a multitude of components and aspects of our being functioning in harmony with Everything that Is. Between time and times, a part of What we are , was decided to have a human experience and began its jouney in this tridimensional Universe getting out of the state of grace and plenitude.

Somewhere at a deep level, we, as a friend of mine used to say, “deeper than the centre of the earth”, we know the truth of perfection which we are in the matrix, in God’s greatest vision when he “thought” us. During the existence experimenting, in fact we bring to light, in the manifest level, Who and What we are, according to the construction plan in the divine architecture.

There are three main components which we can deal with in order to evolve spiritually while we are living this life, thus bringing even more from the “matrix” into the “matter”: the integrity towards ourself, the integrity towards the others, the integrity of the soul.

Rising the level of integrity has immediate benefits in the quality of life. Anywhere in a domain where something does not function there is a lack of integrity. It is like when the foundation of a house is not solid and this thing affects the house stability and structure. As far as people are concerned, when they are demotivated at work it is because they do not do what they want to do, a thing that would be on the same line with what they are. In relationships, when they lie or make promises they do not keep, erode trust which is the  keystone of any partnership. When we “give our  soul” for something or someone, although verbally it is a mere expression, spiritually this really happens and our soul becomes fragmented and scattered into relationships, times, activities. For each component there are methods by which we become more complete.

In the following period i will deal with each component with recommendations and exercises i used and which supported me and millions of people as to rise the level of integrity.

Our personal power has its roots in the quantity of integrity we have towards ourselves and the others. When life is a reflection of the most intense desires and dreams we have, when we allow the entire universe to conspire at our happiness and welfare, we feel an incredible power. I wish you live your life in this way and Who you are to be a model for those who surround you.