To forget is a condition to participate in the Game of Life on Earth.

I don’t know (yet) what it is like on other planets (maybe I forgot that too).

Saint Augustin (in his Confessions) reflected upon the word “to forget” and the concept of memory. He said that we can forget only what we have learned. If we have no recollection of a thing, we cannot forget it. The question is how we recognize the concept of forgetting? In order to recognize what an apple is, at a certain point you must have seen it and so a connection was established. But how do we know what to forget means? It means that at a certain moment we learned how to forget and now we can recognize the phenomenon.

To forget is “something” we learned sometime ago. It is a kind of game we learnt before coming to Earth. When we entered this world, in order to take the participation to the Game of Life seriously, we decided to forget everything we knew and to take it from scratch. Because every life has its periods of time and different families, in order to get integrated, in the first years of life we have to learn the most adequate experiences. Our soul knows what it had learnt in the past but for the new “reality” we don’t need all that information. It is like taking up tennis. Even if you know play other games, that information is not helpful for tennis. In order to be able to play tennis and be good at it, you must be present at what you are doing. The fact that you are tall and can shoot hoops, or that you have can score a goal from great distance won’t help you at tennis.

What is helpful is the elements that show you who you are, the qualities that you have. Being perseverant, results oriented, dedicated, fair-play are useful no matter the game. These aspects characterize the level called consciousness. We can call them values, qualities or virtues of “being”. When we have practiced them enough, they become part of who we are. And we take “who we are” wherever we go. And we cannot forget them because they are part of our essence. Once I become a generous person, I am generous everywhere and I don’t have to think about this aspect anymore, it is on “auto-pilot”. So when we are born, we forget what we knew but we cannot get rid of “who we are”. All the spiritual studies teach us that through our journey we should neither acquire riches on Earth, nor get attached to things because we can’t take them with us. What we can take is our transformation. Each of us is a creative artist and our master piece is our inner self. It is this that we take with us and represents that magnet that attracts experiences and manifestations. Until we reach the level of identity with ego, it would be nice if it were at least our friend. Our inner self is our friend who we have trained to think and feel positive things, pro-life, pro- happiness.

Keep CalmThe good news is that it is already a master in forgetting. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself where have you been 25 days ago at this hour…? It’s much more complicated that a math problem from the 11th grade, isn’t’ it? If you must forget things, let’s leave behind all our sorrows, misunderstandings, sadness, the things we did wrong, others who did bad things to us, let’s forgive everyone, including ourselves. Then let’s start a new game, the game of being Happy. The past is gone. Let it be gone. We should open our minds and hearts to receive love and happiness. Let’s be grateful to forgetting for the lovely gift of being free and let’s pass it to others, let’s forget the “bad things” that some have done and enjoy the blessed life and the present moment, Carpe Diem.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!