For Eternity

About two weeks ago it hit me that we still have a loooooooong way ahead us. How long? Loooooong, endless.

I had read that life is eternal; that the soul lives forever and that God is forever….so technically everything was clear. But I kept in mind the paradigm Existence vs Non- Existence.

In the past, when life challenged me in negative ways I used to think that death was a way out. I thought that when I left my physical body, I would go somewhere in Heaven, like a Spa for the soul, where I got relaxed and detached from all my earthly problems. Then I learned about an extended version of the evolution of souls and I understood that after the physical death follows a “spa” if I was quite “good”, if not… some dimensions that are not so relaxing. They are not “bad” but they aren’t a “spa”. After reading Scarlat Demetrescu’s book, From the Mysteries of Life and Universe, I found out another solution. It said that at a certain moment “the divine spark” after having finished its journey through the Universe goes back “Within the Father”. Finally! I had found out my escape from troubles. Or so I thought. If the physical death didn’t sort all my problems out, the end of the journey of my soul would when it went back “within the Father”. And then my existence stops. There lies the ultimate escape from all problems. Or?? This idea came from a quite deep paradigm; specifically if I exist…the opposite is also true, that I do not exist anymore. I believed in Existence and Non- Existence. Heehee, what a cosmic joke….God is Existence, God is within us and God will exist…Forever. And so will we! The essence is the same for all of us, Unique, God. So how can we get rid of our problems? Or even better, how can I get rid of themJ? Maybe there are people who don’t want to get rid of them.

for eternity - Andrea FilipI laugh, I have fun and realize that I Exist. Forever. And if I don’t manage to solve a problem in this life, I have all the time in the world do it. No stress, no hurry, there is plenty of time for everything.

Eternity lies before me while Life is within me so that I can enjoy it. So should you, you have en eternity ahead of you. Relax, play and know that nothing can “kill” you. You are Here, Now, ForeverJ

“The creation and ways of the Universes are my way of having fun”( quote from a conference of Dr. M.D. David R Hawkins)