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Evolution and consciousnes

I want to share with you those activities, resources and revelations which i consider  were relevant for my own evolution. Of course I myself am my own voyage to the supreme accomplishement, walking into a climb to the maximum potential.

I can open my mind and heart and to show you what I put there and if it seems fit for you, and the instict will push you to take actions, just do it!

The main source of inspirtion we will deal with in this chapter  of Evolution and Consciousness is David R. Hawkins and “the scale of consciousness” which he created.

The scale of consciousness is a map which comes to help us in our trial to make sense of all this “madness” which life on earth seem to be. Hawkins used to say that each f us are very brave and deserve a medal of honour for the simple fact of accepting to come here and to evolve under these circumstances. Our planet offers a maximum of karmic opportunities and these days, with the help of all techniques which are accessible to us due to the traffic of information, we can evolve much faster and to “burn” karma.

At the same time we will approach in a real manner what to do in order to raise our vibration, how to keep or how to raise our emotions so that we are the sourse of positive energy for us and for those around us. A apr to f the ideas are inspired by Ester and Jerry Hicks (The Law of Atraction), a part of James Redfield (The Profecies from Celestine), and the rest, gathered from around the world, tested by me and only ready to be applied.

At the same time, making use of the principle that life is Now, we will approach the subject of Presence and how to live our life in the measure that what takes place, develops, feeing us from the compulsive need to make it mental. Eckhart Tolle and Osho are the basic resources for these topics and at the same time I will give practice ideas which I tested and which worked for me.