Discovering the Presence of God – continuation

I wrote a previous article about searching for God within me. And I found him and I also found the Power and the Presence which are also within me. I continued to search for him and guess what I found?

Discovering the Presence of GodWell, that I have Life, that I am Life and that I Live…what ever you want to call it. It is very important to understand that the Life within us is an aspect of God who is in us. I find it funny that there are people who don’t believe that God exists. I want to ask them: “No offense but how come do you exist?” What makes you be here?”

Or there are the ones who believe they are separated from God and that they can create a better world which can be controlled with their minds. I want to ask them:” What makes you function? Where does the feeling that you Exist come from? God who is the Life that animates the body is like the current that powers the machines. Life is the Energy that wakes and puts into motion our physical, mental and emotional mechanisms.  Clearly is a childish description of a much more complex reality but it’s true! The Life that we have is the big deal. We take it for granted, and it is normal to do so but we forget the nature and the source of Life and so we get irrational anxieties and panic. At a funeral I heard the priest say something brilliant: “it is not death that took our brother but God”.

Discovering the Presence of God - tornado - Andrea FilipThe illusion of death makes us believe that there is bridge between the Living and the Dead. As if that were possible. We are all Alive, forever. The beauty and perfection of the Creation is in the fact that Life is like the air that surrounds us. It doesn’t disappear, it simply floats. In a continuous movement and in elegant harmony. If we were to continue with the metaphors, we could say that life is like tornados that pass through the world gathering thoughts, people, and objects and then they dissolve them. Each and every one of us is a tornado whose passage transforms shapes. We are both Creators and Destroyers, in this dance of the worlds.