About Andrea Filip

Who and what am I?

I am, as everybody around me, a Little soul with a human experience.

And thus, every day , I discover and experiment what is the meaning of being Human.

Until this age, my conclusion about this topic is that… I still have a loooot to understood…about everything…..and All Things.

Andrea Filip

From the personal-life-games in my private family life, I chose to be the mother of a little, extraordinary, two years old boy, who amazes and astonishes me every day more and more. He teaches me how to melt in love. He comes to me, takes my cheeks into his Little palms, closes his sweet face to mine and tell me to kiss him and tells me “love you”.

At the same time i chose to be a wife and i have a husband who completes me, together with whom I grew-up emotionally, professionally, intellectually and spiritually. Together we discover the world…and new worlds, more and more fascinating new worlds.  Together with him I started my personal development , when in 2004 I participated at my first course   Landmark Education, and I understood that the solid foundation of any realtion (with others or with ourselves) is integrity accompanied by authenticity. Then I did not know that this first course will start an interior war between Who I thought I was and who I really am in fact.

I began to wish and to feel that i can have an extraordinary life and power, and I speak here of an inner power that resides in peace, calm and love. In order to obtain them I worked a lot. Very much. With myself.  I cleaned. I forgave and I forgave myself. I brought integrity in all my relationships. And that was neither the most pleasant process, or the easiest …But it WAS WORTH IT.

And since then  I understood and I  saw around me that integrity is a very precious value and a virtue . It offers a framework to make us live our life in harmony and with elegancy. And since then we are strongly surrounded by people that appreciate , honour and live with integrity. Life works. Projects work. Whenever a domain does not work, this is because there integrity is missing.

It was about the same period that I enjoyed the writings of Osho. It was an important revolution in my brain. It broke paradigms, many of them, one after the other. It “destroyed” the Catholicism inside me, in exchange  it opened my mind eyes to the great spirituality. One free of dogmas, where I am free to look who, where, how God is. And I like what I find. I left and changed “believe and don’t search..” for action from: feel, discover, experiment, explore, crate…Be…Is…Are !

Then I discovered the Presence. In a way, like in all happy stories, I got to raed Eckhart Tolle’s book , The power of present. It was in 2005, a few years before it became  a best seller and to reach in Romania. Then I had the luck to arrive to the USA and to buy his second book, A New Earth . I add approximately 40Gb of audio-books and videos with  Eckhart and I found withih myself Calm and Peace. And I love them ! Before I used to look for andrenaline, now I chose serotonine  Am I turning mature?

The same friend in whose house i had discovered the Power of the present sent me a SMS in 2007 which had only a book title and an author Power  vs Force – David Hawkins. Obviously I bought this book, then all those of David Hawkins, and I became a big fan. I remember how I used to enjoy each line in the books. I did not understand them all. And the persons who read his book know what I mean.  He was a very successful  American psychotherapist, of an extraordinary erudition who elaborated the so called “consciousness scale” .  This is in fact a map of our spiritual evolution which helps us to see where we are on the route of growth and how we cam make the next steps towards enlightenment, or towards being simply better men.

His books offer a methodology and a valid technique ( kynesiological testing ) in order to access the universal knowledge and truth about all that s. Reading his books was like  the pieces of a gigantic puzzle were reorganized and I understood how the world works. That is why people act as they act. An idea which sounds in my mind permanently, is the answer to the question : How to change the world  ?. And David, with his subtle humour and full of profundity offers his answer: “Please don’t try to change the world. Cause the world that you see doesn’t even exist”!”

In the meanwhile i tested and began the work with the Energies, at the courses of Inforenegetics. At the beginning with skepticism and lack of trust, especially in mu skills. I had heard that there are special people who cure “with energy” but I did not think I can be one of them. Slowly, course after course, i got into this fascinating worl of spirituals. It is a worl where the exploring possibilities are infinite and is my great pleasure to know special people, with extrasensorial skills who reveal the wonders of other dimensions .

Returning to the earthly dimension, I have always been a perspective opener. The role which I ssumed was to show people that there is an abundance of options in anything they want, there is in the rule to explore and to chose then what is in profound resonance  with their being. The beneficiaries of the projects i organized extended invariably their visión on the world, both internal and external. They saw that theya re surrounded by a multitude of work places, business opportunities, resources (money, time, ideas,people, knowledge). And intheir interior world they remembered or they discovered extraordinary richness: passion, crativity, inspiration, power and energy.