What is Theta Healing ?

ThetaHealing® is the easiest /simplest way towards Who we are and all That we want in this life. It is the Way towards the Interiour Unlimited Power.

“The course was a journey. A journey into the inner self and into the being, into the levels of existence and into the world of God. A manner to reconnect  to ourselves and to our power as we had never done before. The feeling was that I came back home.” (Participant Basic Course ThetaHealing)

In order to see when and where the following Theta Healing courses.

What is ThetaHealing?

ThetaHealing with Andrea Filip

It is a meditation technique for the modern man, who wants results now, in present, who has accepted his human and spiritual nature and who wishes to live them fully, both of them.

From my practice an dexperience , I also consider that it is the easiest, fastest, efficient, full of love technique for the emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

By ThetaHealing you Access the Crative Energy of All taht Is, you enter into the Matrix that is at the abse of the Manifested Universe. You visualize through a crative process all taht you want and then in everyday life you Experiemnt the results of this process.

The main benefit of working “in Theta” is that you will have a leap into the performance in any domain you choose to apply.Be it to win more money , to feel more love and affinity with the loved ones, to bring a balance in your life, anything is possible for you.


By using this technique:

- you change the convictions/programmes which limit the selfexpression

- your capacity to manifest the results will grow, resutls in the physical plan: projects, new business, money, a.s.o.

- you can free from regrets, resentments, remorses, memories with string emotional charge
- you can heal your body of the affections kept in place by convictions

- change the relations with those around you bringing into them and you more love, compassion, wisdom, forgiveness or anything else you want

Waht is ThetaHealing? For those of you who have a commitment towards the direction of the consciousness evolution:

- connects you directly to the Source, to God, to the infinite Intelligence that is everywhere

- you evolve as a human being extending your knowledge and understanding over All that surrounds us

- it potentate your ability to communicate, to work and to get help from other planes/levels and dimensions