Theta Healing with Andrea Filip -Testimonials

How is at the ThetaHealing Course with Andrea Filip?

“Experience ThetaHealing… I came very open minded to experiment, then in certain places I was skeptical, it seemed “too simple to be true … ” I think I heard that so many times …  then slowly, I received al the necessary signs to understand that we have and we have the right to live with the help of this huge force, of this great consciousness, in a single word that we can live with and by God. Your course strengthened my belief, trust and hope in good and in life. Thank you for all taht you have shared with us, your energy, warmth and passion for theta and for life. You have many wonderful things to offer and I advise you to continue to “spread love”

Denise G.


”Andrea is a wonderful being who succeeded in guiding me into a tender, clear and direct manner as to discover and express my intuitive thinking, by the ThetaHealing® technique. I perceived the course of ThetaHealing® as an inner exploration, which led me towards an authentic state of interior freedom, peace and self-control. A very strong and intense experience! “



“what can i say now as a testimony about the two participations is that i understood tha twe are indeed what we think. I heard many times this saying and only now I have understood it. You know, I was walking on the streets and I realized that I har my thoughts and I understand them and suddenrly I saw the limitations in my life. I live and express exactly what crosses myy mind in any domain. I understood that I do not have very many things in life for which I believe they can’t be done, or they do not exist, or it takes more than my power to succeed.

ThetaHealing cu Andrea FilipThe mosr beautiful part is that now i can hear myself while i think and immediately i use the technique of changing convictions. Today I sat on a bench and I entered in theta to change a few convictions which I became aware of when I was walking in the park. I downloaded also a few feelings and immediately I was lighter, calmer and confident.

It is extraordinary to see that you see you have the power on your life, that you can point towards anything you want to express and to live, because until I discovered THETAHEALING I thought I must pray to God as much as possible and when I deserve it I will get it. False !

I tested on myself and THETAHEALING works. We are the creators of our own life and I am only at the beginning!!! After the first month of practice I declare myself satisfied, repeating the course was a wise choice, because I can master more the technique and I grasp quicker what convictions cross my mind during the day ….”

Nelia F.


ThetaHealing cu Andrea Filip“The ThetaHealing course was for me something for which I can find no words to define it. It was a thorough knowledge experience, as I hadn’t experienced before. Pure Knowledge …cleaning and awareness. I feel fine, free, clean, reconciled, in harmony, seff and God centered.

I take this opportunity to thank Andreea Filip for the valuable contribution, for the love space created in her heart”

Andreea R.