ThetaHealing Advanced Course ADN2

ThetaHealing® Advanced Course ADN 2

ThetaHealing cu Andrea Filipn order to see  when and where the next courses take place, go to ThetaHealing Advanced Course ADN 2 – Calendar and Events.

Previous Thetahealing training necessary : ThetaHealing® Basic Course

The Advanced ThetaHealing Course extends the information in the Basic Course in order to offer a more profound understanding of the 7 Plans of Existeance that surround us.

The students will learn how to clean the old resentments, oaths and commitments that hold him off.

ThetaHealing cu Andrea FilipThe students will discover how to heal “ the Baby in the Womb” and the exercises for”Broken Souls”.

At the same time the student will get Feelings which areDownloaded by the Instructor which will produce them a profound and enlighting healing.

This course is an enchanting experience because the students are charged with many positive feelings, knowing how to live life in present and how to feel the selfacceptance in the 7th Plan of Existance.