Theta Healing Book

Andrea_Filip_Theta Healing de Vianna StibalThetaHealing Book  was written by the one who gave the technique to th world: Vianna Stibal, a “gifted” lady as we call it. She was starting with her childhood, intuitive and spiritual. Even before she created this technique, she cured people and supported them to evolve in their life. The story of her own spontaneous healing using this method is described in the book.

ThetaHealing is a meditation technique which grants the one who applies it, the possibility to connect to the Source of All that Is, with God, in a powerful, intimate and direct way.

Applying this technique we discover that we, by ourselves, heal mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.   At the same time we can assist/support others to benefit from healings at all thse levels.

The 4 healings, generally refer to the aspects described below, and in between parentheses, you find the chapter number in the book which refers to these aspects *(although they are rally interconnected):

Mental healing = to ‘change our minds” or to think differently  change a thinking with another, one which we do not like anymore with one that we like (chapter 10 – Systems of conviction)

Physical healing  = our body really heals,  organs and systems are remade and they work as they should (Chapter 7 – ThetaHealing)

Emotional healing = we learn to live with more beautiful and nobler feelings and emotions; we free from the body the addiction to sufferings, depression, anxieties a.s.o. (chapter 12 – creating feelings).

Spiritual healing = evolution!!! The disarmonies come from a wrong understanding on life, of God, of Who we are. When we learn (chapter 16 – the seven plans of Existance )

The book ThetaHealing describes in detail this technique, as well as its multiple applications. It offers all the information necessary to the persons  who are interested in understanding how and what it can be used for. It describes the way our brain works and the role of the different frequencies we access. At the same time it explains the value and power of reaching to the “theta” state.

The work “in theta” allows us to see/find out what and how our subsconscious mind works and to change the progresses/paradigms that we do not like anymore.

At the same time, when the brain is “in theta”state, we can ask the Creator to heal us or to heal another person and to assist/visualize the process while unfolding it. We can also be a part in the stage of recovery of the state of well being of the apersons when the healing is no longer “spontaneous”, by supporting them to identify the blockages  in the path of total healing. (some persons don’t think they deserve to be healthy, that they deserve their faith…for example).

In order to learn the ability to work, I recommend you to attend a ThetaHealing course .  Within the courses you will practice many exercises, and almost all are described in the book with the same title.

The courses are defined  of more types:

ThetaHealing® Seminar Basic DNA– you learn the technique and practice it in different exercises

ThetaHealing® Seminar Advanced DNA – studies throughly the technique, free the emotional  blockages and learn the structures with many notions and new feelings.

The Course Intuitive Anatomy  p you study thoroughly the intuitive scannings (that is to know what is inside other’s person’s physical and emotional body), you work at the identification and freeing the deep convictions and heal your body, and life

There are also other interesting courses, each of them approaching different aspects of life and help you see easier what limits you have there. (Rhytm – for a perfect weight, Expression and Abundance, a.s.o. Manifesting and Abundance, s.a.)

By ThetaHealing in fact we remember we are always a part of All and our Access tot he infinite power of the Creator is our divine right and is handy for us each moment. No matter the religious system, we can apply this technique, using the name the truest to us and to our soul in order to address to this Intelligence: God, Allah, Infinite Energy, a.s.o.